Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Favorite Paleo Recipes So Far, Part 5: Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups

I'm not sure if you hard core Paleo Cross Fitters out there ever feel this way, but occasionally I really miss certain foods. Now of course, I can blame it on cravings ;) . Either way, it's nice to eat new foods, and it's also nice to enjoy old favorites.

One of those indulgences from my non-Paleo days (as in, 2 months ago!) was Buffalo Chicken Anything. Sandwich, Pizza, Boneless "Wings," Yum times 3. My first attempt at Paleo Buffalo Chicken was soup. Sounded good. But without roux or relying too heavily on dairy, it was just a little weird. Then, I had some leftover chicken from making Enchiladas, and came up with a version of Buffalo Chicken so delicious that I can hardly justify missing it anymore. It might be stretching it to call it a recipe; perhaps it's more of an idea, but it's a yummy one.

Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups
1 serving

4 slices Deli Chicken (I'm still using Hormel Natural Choice...any other suggestions?)
1 slice Provolone
2 t Crumbled Blue Cheese
Texas Pete or Louisiana Hot Sauce to taste

Anybody else out there in love with their George Foreman? I'd nearly forgot I owned one before starting Paleo, but wow, what an option-giver. This recipe capitalizes on the nice double sided heat of the George, but a skillet would work fine. All I do is take two slices of deli-chicken and fill it with half a slice of provolone, 1 teaspoon blue cheese, and several good shakes of salsa. Repeat, then throw your Roll-Ups on the grill until heated. Yes, it oozes. No, it doesn't bother me. I just use a silicone spatula and scrape the yum on top. Alternately (and perhaps more neatly), just heat the roll-ups in a pan turning once. These are nice with celery, of course. ;)

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  1. Just found you and am very excited about your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy and thanks for starting this. Blessings,